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Review of THE TRADE by C. Winspear

Written with tight, no-nonsense prose, C. Winspear’s THE TRADE confronts questions of humanity, first contact, and the need for a particular astronaut’s wanderlust. The opening line speaks about fulfillment, or how it has become unattainable for our protagonist–which outlines the story’s purpose. What is it to be fulfilled, and to what cost? It’s great to […]

March 2021 Bookshelf

I recently installed a bracket-less—about three foot—shelf above my writing chair. I think there’s a fancier name for them, maybe a shadow self? Anyway, here are the books I have for reference and casual reading. Dragon Wing has beautiful prose. Consider This is a wonderful, no nonsense, look into prose and structure of a story […]

Writers of the Future 4th Quarter Honorable Mention for Volume 37

My recent story, The Man Under the Kitchen Sink, received an honorable mention for the 4th quarter of the Writers of the Future contest (WotF). Click here to read it. If you are unfamiliar with the contest, especially if you are an aspiring author, check it out here. Created by legendary author L. Ron Hubbard, […]